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Switching Factoring Companies

As with any financing relationship, make it a priority to understand your exit strategy options with your factoring company. Before you enter into the relationship, ensure you know the steps to take and associated penalties in case you need to break the contract. Switching your financing partner to another factoring company may be beneficial in […]

GA Staffing Association Putting Champs!

Thanks to everyone who came out to The Southern Bank’s Putting Contest at the Georgia Staffing Association‘s 16th Annual Golf Tournament! It was a great afternoon of golf and networking with many members and guests of the GSA. Congratulations to Charles Creech, of Synergy Insurance, and Mike Mitchell, a guest of EmployBridge, for winning The […]

Is Invoice Factoring “Float” Costing You?

Every invoice factoring company structures a deal a little differently, so it’s often difficult to compare proposals. By focusing on a few key aspects of invoice factoring agreements, we aim to help business owners make better, more informed financing decisions. We’ll be taking a closer look at four important areas of an invoice factoring agreement: […]

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice Factoring Overview Invoice factoring is a financing arrangement that gives a business fast access to cash. Many small businesses in need of working capital utilize factoring as a reliable alternative to a traditional line of credit. When cash flow strains a business, invoice factoring unlocks the value tied up in the business’s accounts receivable. […]

Factoring Rates: Factors at Play

What Determines Invoice Factoring Rates? In invoice factoring, a business sells its accounts receivable to a third party factor in exchange for a cash advance. The factor awaits payment from the customer and then withholds a small service fee, known as a factor fee. The factor fee equals the discount rate charged on the face […]

Payroll Funding Exit Strategy

Payroll Funding Agreement Before beginning a financing relationship with a funding partner, understand the steps required to terminate the relationship if needed before the end of the term. Complex structure and lengthy verbiage make contracts difficult to decipher, particularly payroll funding agreements. Transparency and clarity are “must haves” in your payroll funding relationship. Circumstances may […]

Facing a Cash Crunch?

Cash Crunch Survival: 3 Key Steps Most small businesses experience a cash crunch at some point. A cash crunch can put the future of a business in jeopardy if not handled correctly. The old adage “cash is king” resonates with all business owners and perhaps most strongly with those whose cash is locked up in […]

Accounts Receivable Financing Buyer’s Guide

If you are like most small business owners, securing financing often involves emotions ranging from uncertainty to frustration as you navigate the alternatives. In addition to your daily job responsibilities, the demands of evaluating borrowing options can be stressful and overwhelming. This straightforward buyer’s guide serves as a starting point to help you with the […]