How altLINE Helped D&A Staffing Solutions Bring On More Clients

Who Is D&A?

D&A Staffing Solutions is a professional services provider in the light industrial sector and was started by Anaissa Hernandez in July 2021.

The Problem

Being a new company in 2021, D&A struggled to get the funding it needed to grow. This lack of initial capital made it difficult for Hernandez to make payroll and staff new contracts, limiting growth potential and creating cash flow issues.

“The service is great! Mr. Lee Dolberry is an amazing representative, very professional, [and] always looking for any way to help.”

-Anaissa Hernandez, CEO of D&A Staffing Solutions

The Solution

With a lack of working capital and growing financial stress, Hernandez reached out to altLINE. From the beginning, Hernandez was impressed with altLINE’s exceptional customer service, saying the company, “make[s] sure you understand each and every thing you are signing” with an easy onboarding process.

D&A received an initial factoring facility of $200,000, allowing the company to immediately take on a new client and make payroll with ease. In under six months, D&A received a factoring credit line increase, enabling the business to access up to $500,000 in working capital.

Through invoice factoring, Hernandez has stabilized D&A’s cash flow and grown her business. In addition to working with more clients, D&A was able to open a second location after working with altLINE. When asked what she would have done differently, Hernandez expressed that she would have looked for altLINE sooner to get the funding her business needed.