Last Updated April 26, 2023

B2B Invoice Template

Using an invoice template for your B2B billing can make it easier to stay on top of your business operations and ensure you send invoices in a timely manner. You can download our free B2B invoice template for Excel or Google Sheets to start billing today. Simply download the invoice template, update the business and invoicing information (like payment terms), and add line items for each billable project. Now you can focus more on growing your business and less on figuring out how to create an invoice for your products and services.

When Should I Invoice My B2B Customer?

You should send an invoice to your B2B customer after you have provided your product or service. Sending an invoice sooner rather than later can help improve cash flow since it gives your client the chance to make their invoice payment more quickly.

How Should I Set My B2B Payment Terms?

Your invoice payment terms dictate how long your B2B customer has to pay the outstanding invoice. You will want to include these payment terms in the invoice when you send it over.

Net 30 are the most common invoice payment terms, which give your customer 30 days to pay an invoice. However, you may want to adjust the payment terms based on your customer, your industry, and your business needs. For example, if your customer has a great credit history, you may be more willing to set longer payment terms because they have proven to be reliable in business. On the other hand, if your company is in need of working capital, you may want to consider setting shorter payment terms to get cash into the business more quickly.