How Switching to altLINE Helped Wellman’s Staffing Reach New Heights

Who Is Wellman’s Staffing

Wellman’s Staffing, based in Columbia City, Indiana, is run by a team with more than 20 years of combined experience in the healthcare staffing industry, having worked with hospitals to clinics to long-term care facilities.

The Problem

When Krissy Wellman broke off from her previous staffing agency to start her own venture, she knew it wouldn’t be easy. Starting a staffing agency not only takes time and effort, but it usually requires finding the right lender or funding company to help kickstart cash flow.

For small businesses, making payroll isn’t always a guarantee. Krissy found a local invoice factoring company to ensure she could pay her employees on-time, but new problems began to arise. She found that the factor wasn’t thorough enough in their background checks, and they would extend credit to any of her customers, regardless of their credit scores or histories. Therefore, some of her customers wouldn’t pay on-time, leading to Krissy and her team having to pick up the pieces and figure out what to do when they didn’t pay.

We’ve had no problems at all. Chas [a business development officer at altLINE] and our account manager Lee have both been extremely helpful. I’d especially advise startup owners or small business owners that don’t know much about invoice factoring to look into it.”

– Krissy Wellman, CEO of Wellman’s Staffing

The Solution

Krissy and her team enjoyed the benefits that came with invoice factoring, but they felt like they weren’t working with the right company.

That’s when she found altLINE.

Since working with our team, Wellman’s Staffing has never had an issue with making payroll. In fact, they now pay employees much earlier than in years past.

But it’s altLINE’s thoroughness that lifts weight off of Krissy’s shoulders more than anything else.

“The thing I like the most is that you credit check our potential clients before we start doing real business with them,” Wellman said. “We absolutely love that you’ve helped us figure which businesses we can do a lot of business with and which businesses to maybe limit business with. You’ve allowed us, or shown us, a safe zone in knowing which businesses are good businesses for us to work with.”

Krissy admits that before she started her own business, she had no idea what invoice factoring was. She encourages business owners and those considering entrepreneurship to explore factoring and the advantages it can offer.

“I’d especially advise startup owners or small business owners who don’t know much about invoice factoring to look into it,” Wellman added. “I’ve been using factoring for three years, and it’s easy now for me to feel like I’m in a routine. But for new people who don’t really know or understand much about this process, let me tell you – it’s super informative, quick, and easy. The fees are not anything that is questionable or unreasonable – we have had no problems.”