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States Where Small Businesses Have the Highest Rates of Survival

If you’re thinking of starting a business, you might want to give some consideration to location. In which state would you have the best chance of success? Iowa tops the list, followed by Wisconsin, South Dakota, Kentucky, and Minnesota. And the worst? The state of Washington. The vast majority of small businesses survive the first […]

How to Write an Invoice

You have probably heard of an invoice but have never been faced with the challenge of writing an one yourself. While a common business document, it can be intimidating to create an invoice, leaving many to wonder where to start. In this article, we will cover what an invoice is, how to format one, what […]

2023 Small Business Revenue Statistics

Small businesses play a critical role in our local and global economies, but it can be difficult to make informed business decisions without having benchmarks or statistics to base your decisions on. We have put together some key small business revenue statistics to give small business owners an idea of how their companies stack up […]

New Companies Have Nearly Doubled Small Business Administration Borrowing Since 2020

The first two years can make or break a business. About 75% to 85% of companies typically make it through their first year. If they succeed for that long, their survival rates tend to rise with each passing year. As startups ramp up operations and start building a customer base, funding is one of the […]

Net Working Capital and Working Capital Ratio Calculator

Working capital is the money that a company has available to manage its day-to-day operations. Used to pay a business’s short-term expenses, working capital is an important metric in determining the financial health and operational efficiency of a company. To help you better understand what your net working capital and working capital ratio are, we […]

What Are My Working Capital Needs?

As a business owner, properly managing your working capital is essential to maintaining healthy business operations and creating growth opportunities, and knowing how much working capital you need is the first step towards achieving this type of financial health. However, understanding the amount of working capital you need can be tough since there are many […]

ACH Advance and Cash Flow Loan Calculator

An ACH advance (also referred to as a cash flow loan or ACH loan) is a type of short-term small business financing. While ACH loans can be easy to qualify for, they often come with high interest rates and lower funding amounts. To help you better understand the costs associated with a cash flow loan, […]

Merchant Cash Advance Calculator: How Much Does an MCA Really Cost?

A merchant cash advance is a small business financing option that provides quick funding but often comes at a high cost. We’ve put together a calculator to help you better understand how long it may take to pay off an MCA and how much it may cost. How to Use the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) […]

Payday Loans for Business Owners: What You Need to Know

You’ve probably heard of payday loans and want to know if businesses can also benefit from this quick financing option. While a popular alternative financing option, business payday loans come with their own set of challenges. Read on to get a better understanding of what a business payday loan is, its risks, and popular alternatives. […]

Invoice Due Date Calculator

Managing your business’ cash flow can be difficult, but knowing how long you have to pay your invoices (and how long you have to wait to be paid by your customers) can make budgeting and managing your cash flow that much easier. Use altLINE’s invoice due date calculator below to see when your invoices are […]

Invoice Factoring Calculator

Interested in invoice factoring but are worried about the costs associated with it? We know that the unknowns of financing can be stressful, so we’ve put together an invoice factoring calculator to help you estimate your cash advances, factoring fees, and cash due to you at the end of the factoring process. Try the calculator […]


Can You Get a Small Business Loan With Bad Credit?

Starting and running a business is an exciting process. You get to be your own boss, follow your passions, and add purpose to your career. However, this enthusiasm for your own company can quickly become frustrating as you start trying to fund your business. As a new business owner or a business with bad credit, […]

What Is Confidential Invoice Discounting?

What Is Confidential Invoice Discounting? Confidential invoice discounting is a type of invoice discounting facility in which a discounting company provides a business with a loan secured against its outstanding invoices. With a confidential invoice discounting agreement, the discounting company will not disclose to the business’ customers that they are working with them, keeping the […]

Why Do Companies Use Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is not a new type of financing, but it is still a new concept to many business owners. Invoice factoring is an alternative financing solution in which a company sells its outstanding invoices to a third-party “factor” (also referred to as a “factoring company“) for a discounted rate in return for a cash […]

Staffing Industry and Recruitment Statistics

Hiring and retaining employees has been a challenge for employers across the US as the staffing industry and hiring expectations have shifted during and after the pandemic. According to Robert Half, over half of hiring managers have said that quitting at their company has increased, and 78% are concerned that more employees will leave. As […]

How to Improve Cash Flow

As a business owner, cash flow problems can be stressful. Paying rent, making payroll, and paying off debts all become even more taxing when your cash inflow is not as much as your expenses. To help you improve your cash flow and worry less over your payables, we have put together this list of some […]