Last Updated May 15, 2023

Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Invoice Template

Commercial cleaning and janitorial invoices are documents that service providers send to their customers to collect payments. Invoices itemize the services provided so that customers can easily see how much they are being charged for different cleaning services, such as office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning.

Using an invoice template for your janitorial billing can make it easier to stay on top of your business operations and ensure you send invoices in a timely manner. You can download our free commercial cleaning and janitorial invoice template for Excel or Google Sheets to start billing today!

How Do I Invoice for My Commercial Cleaning Business?

The invoicing process for your janitorial or commercial cleaning services can vary depending on the types of services provided and the terms you have negotiated with your clients. Some janitorial companies charge a set monthly fee based on a negotiated rate, while others charge per hour or per square foot of cleaning.

Once you decide your billing structure, you will need to determine your invoice payment terms, which outline how long customers have to pay. The most common payment terms are Net 30 and Net 15, which give clients 30 and 15 days, respectively, to pay their outstanding invoices. You will need to include these terms on the invoice along with the invoice due date to help ensure on time payment.

When you write an invoice for a client, you will want to make sure the following information is included:

  • Your company information
  • Your client’s company information
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date (the date the invoice was issued)
  • Invoice due date
  • Payment terms
  • A description of each of the charges
  • The total invoice amount

Additionally, if you provide the client with an invoice discount or need to charge sales tax, you will want to ensure each of those charges are included as well.

Additional Invoicing Tips

  • Send your invoices to your customers as soon as possible – the sooner you can get the invoices in their hands, the sooner you can get paid.
  • Number your invoices so that you can easily find them again if a customer has a question.
  • Set short payment terms. The shorter the payment terms, the sooner you can get paid. While Net 30 terms are standard, you can do Net 15 or even Net 7 to encourage quicker payment from customers.
  • Accept electronic payment options. Doing so will make it easier for customers to pay you, leading to receiving payment more quickly.