Payroll Funding

What Happens If a Company Can’t Make Payroll?

It’s one of the most worrisome questions for employees and company leaders alike: what happens if a company can’t make payroll? Not paying your employees on-time can have disastrous consequences for your business. This makes figuring out how to get money to pay employees a top priority, regardless of any other factors affecting your business. […]

Payroll Loans vs. Payroll Funding

Running a small business can be as much about timing as anything else. Cash comes in. Cash goes out. Payroll loans and payroll funding (also known as payroll factoring) provide important ways to balance these occasionally unpredictable flows of money. Getting the timing of your financing right can become crucial to keeping your small business […]

Payroll Funding Exit Strategy

Before beginning a financing relationship with a funding partner, understand the steps required to terminate the relationship if needed before the end of the term. Complex structure and lengthy verbiage make contracts difficult to decipher, particularly payroll funding agreements. Transparency and clarity are “must haves” in your payroll funding relationship. Why You May Want to […]