Can You Get a Small Business Loan With Bad Credit?

Starting and running a business is an exciting process. You get to be your own boss, follow your passions, and add purpose to your career. However, this enthusiasm can quickly become frustrating as you start trying to fund your business. As a new business owner or a business with bad credit, it can be difficult […]

Guide to Business Credit Scores and How to Check Them

A good credit score plays a huge role when looking for business financing. If you are currently struggling with getting business financing, check your credit score. A poor credit score might be what’s preventing your business from gaining access to reasonable loan interest rates and limiting the number of loans you qualify for. Once you […]

Is Invoice Factoring Possible with Bad Credit?

Your business might turn in a profit on paper, but if cash flow is limited, covering operational expenses can be a challenge. But for businesses with bad credit or a limited credit history, finding funding to cover expenses isn’t so straightforward. That’s where alternative financing options such as invoice factoring come into play. Factoring is […]

Does a Business Loan Affect Personal Credit?

Financing a business isn’t always straightforward. There are periods you have to take loans to sustain, or even kickstart your business. Since the business ecosystem is very volatile, your company must sometimes default on loans, and that’s when you might think your business finances can potentially get intertwined with personal credit. But do business loans […]

Does Invoice Factoring Affect My Credit Score?

Successful business owners know how important their business credit score is. Building and maintaining a solid credit score is crucial for businesses as it can impact their ability to access capital as well as their credibility with vendors and customers. However, as less established businesses work to build their credit score, their access to traditional […]