Staffing Agency KPIs

In the highly competitive world of staffing agencies, performance measurement is a necessity. Key performance indicators (KPIs) can help you better understand the effectiveness of your staffing agency processes and satisfaction levels of your clients and employees. These staffing metrics provide a snapshot of current performance and highlight areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. […]

What Is an Event Staffing Agency and How Do You Start One?

Event staffing agencies provide specialized, temporary personnel for events of all sizes and are an integral niche of the staffing industry as a whole. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a wedding, or a large concert, these agencies make sure that event organizers have the skilled staff they need to execute successful events. By understanding the […]

How to Find the Best Factoring Company for Your Staffing Agency

There are not many more consequential decisions a business owner can make than selecting the right funding provider. The difference between a good provider and a bad provider can truly make or break a business. That’s why choosing the right staffing agency factoring company to partner with is so critical. If you’re reading this, there’s […]

Candidate Ghosting: Why It Happens and How to Handle It

Staffing and recruiting agencies work tirelessly to fill open positions on behalf of their clients. Recruiters spend a lot of time developing job listings, reaching out to candidates, scheduling interviews, and more to find the best available talent. So, understandably, it can become very frustrating when you experience candidates not showing up for interviews. Why […]

Grants for Staffing Agencies: What They Are and How to Find Them

In an average fiscal year, employment agencies across the country receive over $150 million in grants. These grants for staffing agencies can provide a lifeline for business owners who need funds to stimulate growth. If you’re looking for funding, grants are a great way to infuse cash into your business. With that said, let’s talk […]

Sourcing vs. Recruiting: What’s the Difference?

Regardless of industry, finding top talent is essential for any company. Because of this, many companies have a general understanding that they need the help of recruiters and talent scouts to find qualified candidates. What is less commonly understood, however, is the difference between sourcing and recruiting. While both roles serve as vital points of […]

Your Ultimate Checklist for Starting a Staffing Agency

A good first step in starting a staffing agency is creating a checklist of what you’ll need prior to launching your company. This organization document will guide you along the exciting process of opening your firm, ensuring you don’t mistakenly forget any necessary requirements. You can use this staffing agency checklist as a framework for […]

Creating a Business Plan for Your Staffing Agency

If you want to be a successful staffing agency owner, you need a blueprint that can put you on the path toward that success. For most, this blueprint lies in the form of a business plan. Studies show that prospective business owners who create a business plan are 152% more likely to launch their business […]

How to Value a Staffing Company

Running a staffing agency can be a great business. After all, the U.S. staffing industry is projected to hit $207.2 billion in 2024, showing just how much potential there is. However, like many other business owners, you may be wondering how to sell your staffing services. Investors and other staffing agencies may be interested in […]

How to Write a Staffing Agency Introduction Email to Clients

Every day, more than four billion people open their email. So how do you stand out as a staffing agency owner who is introducing your business to potential clients? The answer isn’t obvious, but with a little bit of research, you’ll learn how to craft a perfect staffing agency introduction email to your target clients […]

How to Use ChatGPT in Recruitment

ChatGPT has made a lot of headlines over the last year, and for good reason. ChatGPT and other AI tools are poised to completely change how we perform many work processes. Using ChatGPT for recruiting is an especially noteworthy possibility. While using AI in recruiting can certainly streamline work for recruiters, understanding how to properly […]

IT Staffing Industry Market Trends

It’s no secret that the IT industry has been booming over the past decade. In just one year, the tech sector created 193,000 new jobs, with more than 300,000 open positions waiting to be filled at the start of 2023. It goes without saying that IT staffing is in demand. While this demand might be […]

Everything You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation for Staffing Agencies

Imagine a situation in which a staffing agency places workers in both office environments and construction sites. The vastly different risk levels of these placements mean the agency needs to navigate complex issues. It’s tricky. Not only do the insurance rates vary, but it must be ensured that each employee is adequately covered according to […]

Staffing Agencies and 1099 Forms

Tax forms and employment classifications are a headache, right? Not if you’re prepared. For staffing agencies, it’s a tricky environment – as most organizations juggle multiple types of employment with a large pool of workers. If you’re looking to start your own staffing agency (and make sure it’s successful), you’re going to need to understand […]

What Happens If a Company Can’t Make Payroll?

It’s one of the most worrisome questions for employees and company leaders alike: what happens if a company can’t make payroll? Not paying your employees on-time can have disastrous consequences for your business. This makes figuring out how to get money to pay employees a top priority, regardless of any other factors affecting your business. […]

How to Calculate Staffing Agency Markup Rates

Maximizing profit margin is one of the most important points of emphasis for every staffing agency owner, and a routine way to achieve optimal profits is by properly valuing what to charge customers. That’s where staffing agency markup rates come into play. Your staffing agency markup rates will prove to be a big part in […]

How to Be Successful in Staffing Sales

Knowing how to run a staffing agency involves more than just starting the business and keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly. The best agency owners know how to be successful in staffing sales because they have learned the secrets of how to market and grow their staffing agencies. Before knowing how to be successful in staffing […]

Insurance Requirements for Staffing Agencies

Insurance. Thanks to the seemingly endless paperwork and legal jargon, it’s not a glamorous word, but obtaining proper insurance coverage is one of the most important steps when starting a staffing agency. We’ve done our best to whittle down everything about staffing agency insurance to just a few paragraphs so you can take note of […]

How Will AI Impact the Staffing Industry?

Few topics are more controversial in the current business world than artificial intelligence. Is AI and all of its benefits a net positive, or will AI become a net negative by automating so many labor-related jobs that it causes an economic downturn? This question is highly relevant for one industry in particular: staffing. One study […]

Staffing vs. Recruiting: What’s The Difference?

“Staffing” and “recruiting” are two terms often used interchangeably, but they actually don’t mean the same thing. Knowing the difference between staffing and recruiting is important for many, considering about 40% of companies have outsourced most—if not all—of their hiring processes. Even staffing agency owners might not be aware that staffing and recruiting have separate […]

Locum Tenens Credentialing: What Is It and How Long Does It Take?

Locum tenens practitioners value their roles thanks to the freedom and flexibility they provide. Unlike standard healthcare providers, who work for a specific hospital or facility, locum tenens physicians work with medical staffing agencies to contract with facilities that need temporary staffing help. However, just like full-time physicians must be properly licensed and credentialed, locum […]

What Is Locum Tenens?

One of the common terms you’ll hear in relation to healthcare staffing is “locum tenens.” But what is locum tenens, and what is locum tenens staffing? Understanding what locum tenens means can be mutually beneficial for healthcare staffing agencies, healthcare facilities, and doctors, so let’s dive deeper. What Does Locum Tenens Mean? Locum tenens is […]

How to Get Nursing Agency Contracts

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is facing an employment crisis. In fact, the International Council of Nurses has labeled the nursing shortage a “global health emergency,” as providers struggle to fill critical positions. Nursing staffing agencies play a vital role during this crisis by providing healthcare facilities with qualified nursing professionals to ensure […]

How to Sell a Staffing Agency

The time has come where you feel ready to sell your staffing agency. You’ve met (or exceeded) your goals, feel accomplished in helping match jobseekers with the right employers, and are excited to turn your business into a significant profit. But selling a business can be an intimidating process, especially if you have no experience […]

How to Start a Medical Staffing Agency

By 2030, 21% of America’s population will be aged 65 and older. While this is not inherently cause for alarm, it does signal a rise in demand for healthcare and caregiving aids, meaning there’s no better time to start a healthcare staffing agency. This is evidenced by the fact that the U.S. will need to […]

How Do Staffing Agencies Make Money?

Businesses exist to make money, and staffing agencies are no exception. Running a successful staffing agency requires the agency to make enough money to manage business expenses and generate enough profit to stay afloat. The staffing industry generated about $497 billion in 2020 and has an estimated growth of over $650 billion for 2022 across […]

What Do Staffing Agencies Do and How Do They Work?

Even with an advancing economy and substantial availability of work opportunities, employers have a hard time finding the right talent, and jobseekers have a hard time finding the right jobs. That’s where staffing agencies come into the fold. Staffing agencies have become increasingly vital to the business world because they help employers find candidates who […]

2024 Staffing Industry Trends & Statistics

It’s no secret that America has endured a significant labor shortage since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many employees that lost their jobs have been able to get back on track, the national labor outlook reveals that overall, jobseekers have had a tough time compared to pre-pandemic figures. As for the staffing industry, […]

Invoice Factoring for Staffing Companies: What Is it and How Does it Work?

Staffing agencies heavily depend on prompt client invoice payments to fulfill weekly or bi-weekly payroll obligations. If invoices payments are drawn out or not paid on-time, it can drastically affect a staffing company’s operations. For this reason, one of the most popular financing methods in this industry is staffing invoice factoring. If you’re not an […]

Behavioral Interview Tips and Types of Questions for Staffing Agencies

Staffing and recruitment agencies often ask behavioral questions to candidates to get a better feel of how they would fit in a certain role. With behavioral interview questions, recruiters and staffing agency owners can learn new information that they wouldn’t find on a resume. Behavioral interviewing involves specific questions that get at the heart of […]

Forms, Documents, and Government Requirements for Opening a Staffing Agency

Are you planning to open your own staffing agency? If so, the first thing you should do is learn about the paperwork and requirements to open a staffing agency, as there are several items to complete before you should get started. Understanding what’s required to launch a staffing agency is the very first step of […]

8 Tips for Growing Your Staffing Agency

Like in any other business, starting and running a successful staffing agency is easier said than done. Though there are several obstacles you will encounter in this field, one of the most significant challenges is a hyper-competitive staffing and recruiting industry. According to the American Staffing Association, there are currently about 25,000 staffing agencies, and […]

How to Create a Marketing Strategy For Your Staffing Agency

When it comes to marketing, most companies jump right to the tactics and skip the necessary preparation and planning required to realize the best return on investment. While some rush to calculate ad spend budgets or work on billboard designs, the most successful staffing companies understand marketing plans are like building a house. You must […]

Starting a Staffing Agency? Here Are The Staffing Associations You Should Join

Staffing agencies promote recruitment services and play a pivotal role in helping businesses find their ideal candidates. They serve as the foundation for the workforce. They are sometimes called job centers. When there is a vacancy in a company or firm, they can contact a staffing agency to publicize this opening. The agency can carry […]

What Is MSP in Staffing?

You’ve been thinking about using a managed services provider (MSP) to help expand your staffing agency. But like with any investment, you don’t want to make a rash decision. Taking the time to do your due diligence in research and asking questions is important to you. Although there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach […]

What Is VMS in Staffing?

New staffing agency owners are likely familiar with vendor management systems (VMS) but might be unsure whether utilizing VMS is necessary for their firm. VMS can help you grow your staffing business by managing your worker and employer pipeline. However, allowing a software application to guide your recruitment and talent acquisition processes can raise questions. […]

How to Find Clients for Your Staffing Agency

Winning clients is the single most significant and essential factor in growing a staffing agency from the ground up. If you know how to find clients, running a staffing agency can be a lucrative venture. As long as you’re ambitious and are deploying the right strategies, the sky is the limit for your business. To […]

How to Run a Successful Staffing Agency

Running a staffing agency requires some insight and several skills in addition to planning and attention to detail. Each part of the company needs to be fine-tuned to produce positive results and steady growth. The company’s success requires a solid business plan designed to  handle multiple accounts and fluctuation in growth over time effectively. Although […]

How to Start Your Own Staffing Agency: Step-by-Step

Starting a staffing agency can be an incredibly exciting venture. You can make a lot of money by running a successful staffing agency, and the latest data shows the industry is coming off consecutive years of growth, reaching $650 billion in global revenue by the start of 2023. But many prospective business owners are faced […]

How to Price Staffing Services

When you start a staffing company, you need to know the proper amount to charge for your services. You don’t want to charge too little and lose money for your time and effort, and you also don’t want to aim too high and scare off potential customers. So, how do you achieve the right balance? […]

Best Software and Apps for Recruitment Agencies

Hiring employees can sometimes feel impossible. Lately, finding reliable employees can be more difficult than it has been in the past. But there is technology available that can help make the hiring process easier for staffing companies. Staffing agencies can utilize mobile apps to help bridge the gap between hiring companies and eligible employees. This […]

Types of Financing for Staffing Agencies

Running a successful staffing company can be rewarding, but you have to first get financing for your staffing agency to get your new venture off the ground. There are plenty of financing options available, but it can be intimidating to decide which solution best fits your business. In this article, we’ll address key points related […]

Payroll Funding Exit Strategy

Before beginning a financing relationship with a funding partner, understand the steps required to terminate the relationship if needed before the end of the term. Complex structure and lengthy verbiage make contracts difficult to decipher, particularly payroll funding agreements. Transparency and clarity are “must haves” in your payroll funding relationship. Why You May Want to […]