Accounts Receivable Financing

Invoice Factoring vs. Invoice Financing: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to non-traditional financing solutions, invoice financing and factoring are common alternatives to transforming your accounts receivables for quick funding. Both options are similar as they provide a cash advance for business owners to increase working capital and scale their growth. However, some differences exist between them, and in this article, you’ll explore […]

How to Calculate Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio

There are many calculations and metrics that can provide valuable insight into your business operations and financials. One metric, the Accounts Receivable Turnover ratio, it’s useful to track how efficiently you collect debts from customers to whom you have extended credit. Too many late or delinquent payments negatively impact cash flow. Here’s what business owners […]

What Is Working Capital Financing?

It’s not uncommon for companies to not have enough cash on hand for their daily operations. This is why 20% of new businesses fail during their first two years of opening, 45% during their first five years, and 65% during their first decade. Whether you are finding it difficult to get new stock, buy new […]

What Happens to Receivables When You Sell Your Company?

Selling a company isn’t a straightforward task. It involves making a lot of deals and finalizing several things. Luckily, you can structure the sale to suit your position. The calculation of a business’s purchase price incorporates different aspects. Contrary to what some sellers propagate, the value of assets isn’t solely responsible for the purchase price. […]

Selling Accounts Receivable to Finance Your Business

If your business has cash flow problems, one option that can provide an immediate cash infusion into your business is to sell your accounts receivable. Selling receivables is called invoice factoring, an alternative financing solution aimed primarily to improve a company’s cash flow and liquidity. But factoring, as with other alternative lending options, is not […]

Accounts Receivable Factoring

One of the most common issues facing any business are cash flow delays. Whether your customers aren’t paying on time or you’re facing massive growth opportunities, a lack of cash on hand can derail your company’s progress. Thankfully, you have options to keep your business rolling. Accounts receivable factoring is one financing possibility that could […]

Accounts Receivable Financing Rates Explained

Specialty lenders often use the terms Accounts Receivable Financing and Factoring interchangeably. At altLINE, we purposefully differentiate between the two with distinct structures. Whatever a lender may call it, there are certain things to keep in mind when evaluating options. How are Accounts Receivable Financing Rates Determined? Similar to other A/R based lines, your Accounts […]

Why Accounts Receivable Factoring Isn’t Really a Loan

For businesses looking for a quick cash infusion, accounts receivable factoring (also referred to as accounts receivable financing) may be an ideal solution. However, there is a popular misconception that may be preventing many businesses from considering it as a financing option, which is when you are factoring accounts receivable, you are taking out a […]

5 Reasons Factoring Receivables Makes Sense

There’s nothing more worth celebrating for a business than getting a major new customer or a big new order. It’s an exciting time for everyone in the business as it ramps up production, adds staff, and buys inventory in anticipation of new revenue. However, if it’s a typical business that operates from invoice to invoice, […]

Is Invoice Factoring the Same as AR Financing?

Does your business need financing to expand or improve cash flow? If so, invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing are options worth exploring. A tremendous amount of information exists about these two financing solutions, but after researching, you might be left feeling confused. Many sources use the terms factoring and accounts receivable (AR) financing interchangeably, […]

What is a Notice of Assignment?

If you’re a business owner considering invoice factoring, the Notice of Assignment (NOA) may cause you some concern. What will my customers think? Why is it necessary? Can we skip sending it? Let’s address these questions to clarify what the NOA covers and put to rest any lingering apprehension. What Is a Factoring Notice of […]

12 Questions to Ask an A/R Financing Partner

If you are like most small business owners, securing financing often involves emotions ranging from uncertainty to frustration as you navigate the alternatives. In addition to your daily job responsibilities, the demands of evaluating borrowing options can be stressful and overwhelming. This straightforward buyer’s guide serves as a starting point to help you with the […]