Small Business

Your Guide to Small Business Budgeting

Creating a budget is essential when running or starting a small business. When doing so, setting attainable goals, knowing your limitations, and understanding the best business budgeting tools will give your small business the best shot at profitability and sustained success. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of budgeting for your small business, […]

Can’t Get Approved for a Loan? Rejections Spiking as Interest Rates Rise

Andrey_Popov // Shutterstock Americans are being rejected for loans at rates unseen in at least five years. The difficulty getting approval is hitting applicants across the board—including those in the market for homes, mortgage refinancing, vehicles, credit cards, and credit card limit increases. altLINE analyzed data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Credit […]

How To Improve Your Business Credit Score

If you’re new to running a business, you’ll also be a new possessor of a business credit score. Your initial score as a first-time business owner won’t allow you to obtain all the funding you might want, but the saving grace is that you’re not alone. A common struggle of starting a new business is […]

Americans’ Pandemic-Era Entrepreneurial Streak is Holding Strong – For Now

mavo // Shutterstock Inflation has nothing on the American entrepreneurial spirit, which, judging by the volume of new businesses formed, continues to see potential in the post-pandemic economy. To better understand the post-COVID-19 outlook for entrepreneurship in the U.S., altLINE analyzed data and reports from the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Census Bureau. […]

Best Free Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have in 2023

The ever-evolving modern business landscape is filled with apps focused on boosting efficiency for businesses. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to remember that leveraging mobile apps for running a small business is one of the most efficient ways to grow your company. When utilized correctly, the right apps can significantly improve your team’s workflows, collaboration, […]