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What is a Factoring Company?

Chances are if you’re a business owner and you’ve found this article, you’re considering various financing options available to you. Alternative financing options are becoming more prevalent with the expansion on online lenders, so you may be asking “What is a factoring company?” A factoring company is a financing partner who helps businesses in need […]

Invoice Factoring for Consulting Firms

If you own or manage a consulting firm, you know that cash flow can be a problem. You incur unusually heavy upfront costs—to hire the best professionals and ensure they receive the ongoing training they need to remain up-to-date. However, the very clients you work so hard to help are sometimes hesitant to pay you […]

Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies

Staffing companies face unique working capital challenges. Nearly all staffing firms face cash crunches. This is primarily the result of the payment terms that the staffing firm’s customers require at the outset of a relationship. However, long payment terms in itself is not necessarily the issue. Nor is it the cash intensive nature of supplying […]

Choosing the Best Factoring Company

With so many options, choosing the best factoring company for your business may seem overwhelming. No two factoring companies do things exactly the same – they specialize in different industries, offer different terms and use different language. These differences make comparing factoring companies difficult. Five questions to ask a factoring company: 1. How long have […]

Bank Factoring Company Offers Flexibility

What is Bank Factoring? Factoring is a transaction between a business and a third-party (the factor) which provides quick cash flow in exchange for accounts receivable and/or other assets. A business can use its invoices (accounts receivable) as leverage or sell off accounts receivable to the factor to obtain cash. Depending on the arrangement, the […]

Comparing Factoring Companies

If you’ve already determined factoring, or Accounts Receivable financing, is the right fit for your business or you’re in the early stages of researching and comparing factoring companies, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Get it Right the First Time First, there is no shortage of options. In fact, there are hundreds […]

Factoring for Manufacturing Companies & Top Industry Challenges in 2017

Earning a top position among manufacturing companies is becoming increasingly difficult due to the rapidly changing landscape of the manufacturing industry. Amid the many challenges facing manufacturers today are employee skills gaps, cash flow hindrances, and keeping up with innovation. Here at altLINE, our team specializes in factoring for manufacturing companies. Below we look at […]

Financing for Staffing Companies

Running a successful staffing company requires managing multiple priorities, relationships and partnerships. This balance often presents a tough challenge even for seasoned staffing professionals. Staffing companies that find the right employees and reliable partners stand to enjoy greater profitability and growth. In this post, we’ll address key points related to financing for staffing companies: industry […]

The Southern Bank Celebrates 80 Years – Then & Now

The Southern Bank Company, a full-service bank based out of Gadsden, AL is pleased to announce that 2017 will be its 80th anniversary. The bank has branch locations in Gadsden, Guntersville, Albertville and Centre, with a specialty commercial lending division, altLINE, operating out of Birmingham. The bank would like to thank the community for great […]

Invoice Factoring vs Bank Loans

Factoring & Bank Loan Comparison The comparison of factoring vs bank loans comes up often among businesses looking to access working capital. As a factoring bank, The Southern Bank offers a unique perspective on answering this question. We provide businesses in all industries and sizes a broad range of commercial lending options. These include invoice […]