Best Software and Apps for Recruitment Agencies

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Last Updated November 3, 2023

Hiring employees can sometimes feel impossible. Lately, finding reliable employees can be more difficult than it has been in the past. But there is technology available that can help make the hiring process easier for staffing companies.

Staffing agencies can utilize mobile apps to help bridge the gap between hiring companies and eligible employees. This article will review and discuss the best apps for staffing agencies to take advantage of. These apps allow those who are hiring to reach out to those who require jobs. Each application has its unique features that help both employers and potential employees to stand by each other. Each app acts as job listings or a tool that can help provide calendars and video rooms for staffing agencies.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn is a great tool for staffing agencies to utilize. The platform allows businesses and individuals to create professional profiles. Users can network with and reach out to others.

LinkedIn Recruiter works as a staffing platform. Hiring managers can scout out new talent through LinkedIn Recruiter. The managers can also reach out to potential employees and manage growing teams. There are many features that LinkedIn Recruiter provides that can help speed up the hiring process. When a company requires immediate help, there is no time to waste on sifting through unsuccessful potential employees.

LinkedIn is currently the largest professional recruiting and networking platform. Businesses can register and set up an account with LinkedIn Recruiter. Through this platform, hiring managers and staff can use filters and recommendations to find potential employers.

By using the filters, hiring managers can create lists of potential teams. LinkedIn Recruiter will also allow hiring managers to message potential employees directly with a job offer. Managers can even customize templates to send out in mass numbers. By sending out personal job offers in bulk, staffing agencies can save time in the hiring process. By utilizing LinkedIn and its resources, hiring staff can have access to the largest professional market.


It is not enough to find the right amount of employees to hire. Businesses also need to worry about finding the right type of people for their job.

While everyone has useful skills, some jobs require a certain personality type or a specific skill set. Workable focuses on providing tools that allow staffing agencies to find the right employees for a company. Hiring managers can customize and post a job listing to over 200 different job sites. By posting on a variety of different recruiting platforms, managers can reach a large audience of potential employees.

Workable also provides a medium for hiring teams to collaborate on potential new hires. Each member of the hiring team can review and assess applications. These collaborative tools can help ensure that the company is making the right choice for a team member. Hiring managers will have access to automotive technology that can help reduce the time of hiring employees.

What makes Workable stand out is its informative resources. Hiring good employees is not an easy task. To help hiring managers, there are tutorials and templates that teams can utilize to make the best choice for their company.


Indeed is a simple, yet helpful and informative tool for both businesses and job seekers. The recruiting platform is deceptively simple at first glance. But along the bottom of the page is accessible to countless job-hunting tools.

One of these tools is the Indeed for Employers section. This tool provides help for staffing agencies and hiring teams. With Indeed for Employers, teams can use a template to post a job listing. Once the job posting starts to receive applications, teams can then start to review and interview applicants.

The interview process is a highly important part of the hiring process. This step will inform the employer what the applicant is like, and what the applicant is looking for in a job. Indeed can help hiring teams with setting up phone interviews, written interviews, or even video interviews.

Indeed also provides skill assessment tests for hiring teams to see how an applicant may fare at a job. There are over 100 different assessments to choose from, and staffing agencies can add more than one skill test to a job posting. Indeed for Employers is a great tool for staffing agencies and hiring teams to utilize.


Blonk is a recruiting platform that focuses on the modern aspect of the hiring process.

The job-hunting world is a lot different now than it was a hundred years ago. It’s even different than it was 20 years ago. Technology plays a large part in the way that businesses and individuals approach job hunting and hiring.

Modern changes require modern tools, which is where Blonk can help. Blonk specializes in providing AI technology to help hire eligible employees. This technology is to help speed up and innovate the hiring process. Blonk works by using input from job hunters and employers. Depending on the response of job hunters, AI technology will match jobs and job hunters. The AI technology can also help to hire managers to find potential employees in their local area. Finding local employees is a huge help when the job is not remote.

Along with AI technology, Blonk attractively formats its platform to catch the attention of young job hunters. In short, Blonk caters to the new and modern workforce. With Blonk, staffing agencies and teams can seek out the right talent for a company. Hiring managers can take advantage of the new age in technology to recruit talent.

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Notion is a bit different than the other sites on this list. This tool works to inspire the imagination while also bringing organization.

Notion can work as a tool for individuals by providing ways to create lists, planners, and general life organization skills. However, Notion can also work well helping plan out activities and tasks for large teams. There are countless different ways that companies can utilize Notion. Employees can keep track of meeting notes, check-in on tasks, and stay up-to-date on important information.

Hiring teams can also utilize Notion to keep track of potential future employees. Managers will be able to track any important information about interview dates and documents from applicants. Notion is easy to use and provides an in-depth tutorial on how users can get the most out of the platform. Employees can download the app as well to keep up with work on the go.

There are different options for Notion depending on what the purpose of the platform is. The Personal Use option provides a simple organization tool for individuals. The Teams and Enterprise options are for companies, businesses, and larger organizations that require several people to access all of the same information.


Calendly is another tool that does not act as a recruiting platform. However, the application can work wonders in assisting staffing agencies with finding new talent.

The organization is a key factor in securing a potential employee. In the same ways that employers shun unprofessionalism, job hunters are not likely to work for a job that has poor time management skills. Hiring managers need to ensure that they never miss an appointment or interview to secure an employee.

With Calendly, managing appointments can be a lot easier. Instead of communicating through hundreds of emails, Calendly allows hiring teams to quickly set up interviews.

After setting up an account, hiring managers can enter in their availability throughout the month. Managers can then save their availability calendars and send them out as personal links. The applicant will click on the link and choose from one of the available times on the calendar.

By using the calendar, hiring managers can also avoid overbooking on specific days. This feature can help save everyone in the hiring process a lot of time.


By now, most everyone has heard of Zoom. This video conference platform is a great way to connect with others. People can meet with family, conduct business meetings, and even host job interviews through Zoom.

Staffing agencies can host video interviews for potential employees. These interviews can be one-on-one, or they can be group interviews. There are numerous ways that hiring managers can utilize a video conference room. Zoom is easy to use and navigate. The platform also handles more than just video calls. Users can conduct phone calls, webinars, and instant chat rooms.

The individual hosting the meeting can set up a personal video conference room. Once the room is set up, the host can send out a personal link for anyone attending the video conference. Attendees can join in the room any time after the meeting starts.


Overall, there are a variety of helpful tools and apps that staffing agencies can use to improve their hiring process. Each app may work differently depending on the company. But hiring managers can even use all of the apps to find the best employees.

By prioritizing speed and organizations, staffing agencies can create a more efficient hiring process for everyone who is involved.

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