Starting a Staffing Agency? Here Are The Staffing Associations You Should Join

Joining a staffing associations

Last Updated January 31, 2024

Staffing agencies promote recruitment services and play a pivotal role in helping businesses find their ideal candidates. They serve as the foundation for the workforce. They are sometimes called job centers. When there is a vacancy in a company or firm, they can contact a staffing agency to publicize this opening. The agency can carry out the whole recruitment flow, up to selection. It depends on the arrangement between the company and the agency.

At other times, the agency only does some part of the process. Staffing agencies help reduce the burden on companies of recruiting employees. They open up vacancy adverts and the company’s specific needs to the right pool of job seekers who will be a perfect match.

Are you an agency owner? Do you operate a staffing agency, or are you about to launch a staffing company?

Here is a guide to help you know your way around and network with other similar agencies. Also, this guide gives an insight into formal staffing agency associations that you can join.

If you’re in the process of starting a staffing agency, you might be left wondering, how do staffing firms land their first contracts?

One of the most customary ways to find business is through networking, and in the staffing industry, the simplest way to do that is by joining staffing associations.

These staffing associations will provide a platform for you to advertise your firm to businesses that are hiring. In addition to having your business promoted to numerous employers, you can meet and form relationships with industry leaders who can ultimately refer new business.

Read on for an overview of some of the most reputable staffing agency associations that you should consider joining.

American Staffing Association (ASA)

The American Staffing Association began in 1966 in Washington, D.C. The association’s mission is to help the state of employment. It does this by connecting job seekers with potential employers. The ASA has become a leading voice for workforce solutions in the United States. It trains affiliates to maintain its ethics and work code. The high standards set for recruitment are upheld unwavering.

Search accessibility brings you one step closer to your potential clients. However, this is only possible when you are registered as a member of the American Staffing Association. The ASA provides a platform where people can search for staffing agencies around them and the type of staffing offerings available.

United States Staffing Association

The United States Staffing Association prioritizes partnership in the workforce solutions industry. As an association, it helps bring its members to the limelight in the United States. The association endorses members and partners with whom clients can work. The endorsement is in connection with their trust in the organization. As a body, the USSA is constantly evolving to suit the digital era.

The association has the platform for you to register as a member and advertise your staffing vacancies. The USSA promotes your business services for the public and their members to see by going the advertisement route, giving you a boost. The association also has a newsletter feed where nuggets for advancing as a staffing agency are circulated.

TempNet Staffing Association

TempNet is a leading influential staffing association. It began in 1977 and, to date, has risen to become an international association for individual business unit owners. TempNet collaborates with independent staffing agencies.

The organization empowers small independent businesses. It works together with member businesses to raise them to the standard of world market leaders. The method TempNet uses to achieve this is by working with current foremost leaders in different industries. These leaders provide mentorship and a platform to grow.

TempNet is arms-wide-open to welcome members onboard. The organization has a pool of like-minded businesses that can brainstorm ideas to chart a course forward. TempNet gives an exposure on which companies can leverage.

TechServe Alliance

TechServe Alliance is a top-tier staffing agency association. The organization majors in information technology and the engineering industry. It provides resources for staffing and workforce solutions within those industries. The organization also provides education and training for members.

TechServe Alliance is adapting to digital dynamism. It can deliver training virtually through its online educational platforms.

The hallmark of this association is collaboration. TechServe Alliance believes that sharing knowledge, tips, and best practices helps ensure success. Premium access to innovative tools that can spur growth is also enabled when businesses become a part of this partnership.

Staffing Industry Analysts

Staffing Industry Analysts is an independent global advisor on all recruitment and staffing resources. Founded in 1989, the organization has its headquarters in California, with additional offices in London, England.

The association has exclusive research on the employed and unemployed workforce. By the results obtained, it makes informed strategies to improve the workspace. Staffing Industry Alliance provides certifications and training apart from providing workforce solutions. The organization promotes events where the job market, job seekers, and employers can interface.

National Independent Staffing Association (NISA)

If you’re an owner of an independent staffing agency, you should consider joining the National Independent Staffing Association (NISA).

NISA members are granted the ability to share and receive information about others’ agency owners’ business operations, such as which methods and practices work, which don’t, and the best resources to utilize to reach growth goals. Along with an ability to share knowledge and resources, members are eligible for discounts on business expenses such as insurance, equipment, and other products and services.


Launching into any area of business requires knowledge. When starting your staffing business, it’s crucial to understand the requirements for starting a staffing agency, along wiit will need, and the requirements to make it stand the test of time.

When you want to launch your agency, get to know what the business of providing workforce solutions in your vicinity entails. If being a part of a formal association interests you, get to know the above associations. These associations’ locations, objectives, and modes of operation will help you understand how to give your business a boost.